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A ---- affirm that you can do it B --- believe that somehow, some time, some where through someone’s help you can achieve your heart’s highest goal C --- commit yourself to a dream. Most people fail right here, because with every commitment comes the risk of failure D --- dare to try, to love, to make commitment and to take risks E --- educate yourself. Don’t be tempted, as many are to take shortcuts, avoid the hard years of serious study, but educate yourself F --- find the talent, the possibilities, the time, the money and the way G --- give. A giving attitude is the secret to successful living H --- harvest. Only comes once a year. I --- imagine. Portability thinking is in actuality the exercise of dynamic creative, sanctified imagination J --- junk. The junk food of your mind, be creative, be imaginative K --- knock out depression, knock out discouragement, knock out all kinds of forecasts of gloom and doom L --- laugh. You must keep a sense of humor and be able to laugh at yourself M --- make it happen. You can make it happen when you manage N --- negotiate. If you want to get from A to Z in the alphabet for action for possibility thinkers you have to be able to negotiate, to compromise. You can’t have your way all the time. O --- overlook and over come. You realize that you can not succeed without a team. Who is on that team? P --- persevere don’t give up keep on keeping on Q --- quit complaining because life isn’t as nice as you want it. Quit remembering all of those negatives and haunting memories. R --- reorganize. If you haven’t yet succeeded, then you have to say I need to reorganize S --- spring, new seed and new growth T --- trade off when you have begun to reorganize and share, then you will have to get ready to trade off, decide what is worthwhile to keep and trash the rest. U --- unlock some human values you never experienced before, faith, hope and the greatest of all ---love V --- visualize the dream before you. Don’t ever loose the vision. When you loose the vision you’re dead. Where there are no dreams people perish. W --- work. There is no substitute for work. X --- x-ray if you are pursing a job, if you’re on your way toward a goal, if you’ve got a dream and you’ve gotten this far, then it’s high time you stopped once more and x-rayed your deepest motives. Y --- you, the driving force in your operation Z --- zip it up. You can face whatever is ahead of you with your priorities in the right order.